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New coffees a go-go!

Hi everybody! I haven’t been on in forever I know. That’s been a combination of the winter blues, a bad flu, and trying to work hard for Christmas money. Well, that’s all starting to clear up now, but it will be a week or two before I get to take my next coffee-related trip down to Columbia, PA, so here are a few things to tide you over. These are some brand new coffees that I’ve been trying out at home; I’ll just give a photo and a quick description of the brewed coffee itself below the picture. I got these coffees from just about everywhere; from Wegmans to Giant, to any little stop along the way that looked like it would be a good roast. If anyone has any good suggestions, just leave them in the comments section.


Brazil Bahia. A very good breakfast coffee as I found out. It is definitely a light roast (a little too light for my taste normally) but the nutty flavor it had made up for it. It wasn’t overbearingly nutty, which is something I like. Always good to have balance, especially with a breakfast blend, which is supposed to be fun and soothing.


Creme de Noisette Hazelnut. This one I had to grind from the beans themselves because it’s not sold in processed form apparently. Now this one is not a breakfast blend. It’s a rich, deep Hazelnut that has a very creamy, silky feel to it, especially if you add real milk to it. Beware though, the Hazelnut is very pronounced, so if you don’t like that flavor, you’ll get overloaded with it here. If you do like that flavor though, this is the best I’ve had yet.


Peet’s Coffee. The Major Dickason’s Blend is my standby. They mean what they say when they say it’s rich and complex. Not as creamy as the Hazelnut, this one is good for morning and afternoon I think. It’s very much the “jeep” of coffees. Nothing too fancy, but able to handle pretty much any situation. Still tastes good after a few hours in a metal Thermos bottle!


Ah, Green Mountain. I’ve always loved Vermont on principle, but they also make great coffee up there. This is another standby for me, though I rarely drink it in the morning because, although it’s light, it’s also a bit strong I think. I like strong coffee in general, and this is a nice, well-rounded one.

Well, that’s all for this time folks. Be on the lookout for my new coffeehouse reviews coming soon, now that I finally have the money and the means to travel around a bit. Interesting things happening in my world. Stay tuned.





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