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Dalicia Bakery

Yes, I said Bakery, not coffeehouse.  But it is a coffeehouse…and a bakery! This new addition to Harrisburg’s Midtown food and beverage scene seems geared to cater to a wide variety of tastes, and in a city of specialty shops, that is a very welcome thing. In fact, welcomes are in order for the woman who runs the bakery, Samra Alic, who recently moved to the U.S. from the Balkans with the dream of opening a European-style bakery in the States. The shop is located in a spot familiar to long-time residents; the former third-street alcove where Breads n’ Spreads once occupied (that was a bakery and coffeehouse which closed a few years ago). In fact, the new owners kept a good amount of the original classy, minimalist interior.

This is normally the part of the blog where I review the coffee, but I can’t do that here. Why? Because it’s already been reviewed! Dalicia, like several other restaurants, sources its coffee from Little Amps Coffee on Green Street, right here in the city. For those who don’t know, Little Amps started during the Recession here and not only survived, but thrived, rapidly becoming the beloved hipster hive of Harrisburg. So if you want to know about the coffee at Dalicia, see my previous review for Little Amps. Suffice it to say that the coffee is the typical yummy but strong fare that has made Little Amps famous.

The coffee isn’t really the focus here anyhow. The focus is clearly on the beautiful baked goods which line the countertops, baked by Samra herself. It doesn’t get more authentically European than that.  The shop is branching out into Serbian specialties as well, so keep an eye on the menu!

One touch that I appreciated was the row of tables and chairs that were placed in a gated alley abutting the building. I have to say, that was my favorite aesthetic touch; just hidden enough to be private, but still affording a nice few of the street beyond. That walkable, relaxed urbanism is yet another characteristically European touch. Yes, if you come down third street as part of your morning workday or weekend routine, check out this little piece of Europe right next door.


the new front…


freshly produced…


baked goods…


the old (new) inside…


now that’s pretty…




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