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Major Announcement

OK so…do you remember how I said there would be a big announcement coming up? Come on, sure you do, it was on the last post before the last post. Two posts ago. I swear I alluded to something. Anyhow, here is is: I’m starting a new blog. No, I’m not getting rid of this blog. I’m merely starting a second blog on a completely unrelated topic. That unrelated topic is…the paranormal! Last year, something unprecedented happened…the Navy admitted that it chases UFOs. They even released video of them doing it. It should have been the big news of the year. It wasn’t the big news of the year. Stupid nature. Anyhow, that revelation coupled with a lifelong interest in both science and and the vanguards of science inspired me to start a blog showcasing the weirder side of life.

The blog will be called The Mangey Bear. It’s an allusion to a famous photo of a bizarre four-legged creature caught on a trail camera. It looked like a goblin or werewolf, but of course the skeptics declared it to be simply a bear with mange. Of course nobody knows what it really was, as a full investigation was never done. But that’s the point of this new project of mine. People who theorize about the paranormal tend to fall into two camps: There are the believers in everything and the acknowledgers of nothing. In my blog, we’ll look at things from a more rational angle, peeling back the mythology encrusted upon the paranormal, while setting aside the ideology of Skepticism. In other words, we’ll be looking for the truth.

I’ll be starting the blog up sometime in June, and I’ll be sure to let you know here. I’ll also let you know about some more good coffee starting in the middle of May when I have a bit of an expedition planned. Until next time, caffeinated ones.


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