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Cafe 62

This coffeehouse was one of those unexpected finds. A lot like the Nuclear Bean that I reviewed before, it was the product not of a search for coffee, but as completely separate mission that left me in need of coffee. This time the mission was to check out a place that might be in need of a freelance writer (like myself) in Mechanicsburg. We’ll see how that pans out; it’s great being a pen for hire because of the flexibility…but that drive around the beltway to get you to where you’re needed will sap your energy quickly. Enter Cafe 62.

The cafe is located right on the main drag of Mechanicsburg, PA. People around here know Mechanicsburg as a town that has a lot of people moving through it every day. The nearby Rossmoyne Plaza is a center of commerce, so what is ostensibly a “small town” in Central PA actually becomes a place bustling with commerce on any given weekday. There are a million little shops here catering to that hungry and thirsty crowd.

According to the owner (who was rather tirelessly running around grabbing supplies and catering to guests by herself) the coffeehouse has been around since January; another newcomer to the local coffee scene! There have, as my readers may remember, been several cafes that only started up at the beginning of this year or the end of last. When I came in, what really struck me was the “tea-room” feel of the space. From the open Bible on the wooden table, to the small nooks for sitting and drinking, to the neutral color palette of the walls, the “chill” of the interior vibe set a stark contrast to the bustle outside.

The coffee I had today (as you can see if you look at the pic below) says that it has a “heavy body” and is “excellent as espresso.” I agree with half of that only.  I wouldn’t really call this heavy bodied. At least it didn’t seem that way to me; in fact it seemed like a rather light confection. It struck me as a breakfast blend, not something really rich. It did, however, make an excellent espresso! Actually it was an Americano, same difference. In fact I didn’t even ask for an Americano, the woman at the counter just made it that way because she knew it would be best. I started to protest until I quickly realized that she was the expert and I should just shut it and appreciate that. Sometimes that’s a good move; it certainly was in this case. This roast wouldn’t work quite as well as a regular filtered coffee.

I’d like to recommend this establishment for two different groups of people: those who are part of the mad-dash commute in the mornings who need a quick cup…but also to those who want to get out of that madness. Unfortunately the cafe doesn’t host any events like live music, but it certainly offers quiet and peace to those caught up in the fast-paced flow of life on good old Trindle Road.


the sign…


the entrance, kind of…


the art…


the beans…


the good book…


other good stuff…

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