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I missed International Coffee Day. I apologize.

And this is my apology….a special post about a locally available coffee that I just found and enjoyed. Actually my Mom found this fun new Arabica¬†and delivered it to me, knowing that I always look for interesting new brands. Yeah, I’m spoiled. Only-child syndrome.

new coffee.

new coffee.

For those who don’t know, International Coffee Day is on October 1st this year. This day is also used to promote fair-trade coffee. Fair-trade is a form of business which attempts to pay a fair price to the producers of a product, instead of scouting around to pay the lowest possible amount of money to people who belong to vulnerable populations. That’s called “free trade”, and it relies on the “invisible hand” of the market to “trickle down” wealth to all participants through self-regulation. I bet you can’t guess which one I support. But let’s leave the political rants for November. It’s coffee time.

This coffee, unfortunately, wasn’t fair trade. It was pretty darn good though. I must say that this roast, Gavin’s Grogg, is definitely for lovers of dark blends. It’s nutty, it’s rummy, and I was pretty sure I could taste some citrus in there. It is the darkest dark roast that ever darked in the dark. I have no idea who produces it, but I think it might come from a roaster in Lititz. I’ll be letting my fingers do the walking and try to find out online just where this thing came from, because now I want more. My next post will be about a very interesting new cafe that opened up near me. Stay tuned…

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