And so it begins!

14 Apr

Finally, this project has officially begun. I say “finally” because I’ve actually had the website in my name since February, but a confluence of crazy events during the early spring kept me from actually traveling around the state looking for coffee. Now all is well and I’m ready to start out on what I hope will become the only Pennsylvania Coffeehouse Journey ever attempted. At least the only one being blogged about. The truth is, most people in this area have no idea how many of these little bastions of Bohemia actually exist in this area, and will be genuinely surprised to know how many coffeehouses not only serve great coffee, but also serve as homes for the arts. The mission of this journey is to change that.

Here’s how this will go. Every week or so I’ll try out a new coffee hotspot or two somewhere in the area, starting in my hometown of Harrisburg, PA and expanding out across the state and most likely into other states as well! The focus, however, will always be right here in Central Pennsylvania. The coffeehouses will be reviewed, and basic info given about each. Whether the coffee is bitter or better, you’ll know about it; bear in mind, however, that it’s only my opinion and I recommend that you personally subject your taste buds to the coffee in all the places I review. I’ve been toying with a ratings scale for measuring not how “good’ the coffee is (since that is so subjective), but rather how well the environment of that coffeehouse stays true to the Enlightenment-era, Bohemian zeitgeist of the original coffeehouses of Europe.

The first actual entry should be coming very soon, so if you’re reading this while it’s still in the formation process, please be patient, and please stay tuned. Happy journeying, fellow caffeine addicts!

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  1. mary k

    April 27, 2013 at 6:30 am

    just a general comment: cool site!


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