Little Amps Coffee Roasters

03 Jun

Ah, Little Amps! I remember the first time I came here…it was right after they opened back in the fall of 2011. It rapidly gained fame for the method used to make the coffee, called the “French press” system. In this system, the coffee grounds stay in direct contact with the brewing coffee and are separated from it by a mesh, not a paper filter. The good part of that is that the essential oils are preserved and it makes a truly outstanding flavor. That, and the fact that it’s located right in the heart of Midtown made it a real hit in the area.

Aaron Carlson is the owner’s name. He’s actually not just a coffee afficionado, he’s also a die-hard audiophile, and the coffeehouse reflects that. You can buy a lot of old and new records from the place and there’s always a band that I’ve never heard of playing on the speakers. Often, it’s an actual record and not a CD. Aaron agreed with me that the truest sound usually comes from the old analog recordings. Indeed, the best thing about this shop might just be the ambiance. The surroundings scream the urban, Boho aesthetic, but thanks to the presence of actual records and music connoisseurs, it seems way more authentic than the average hip dive!

Here’s the long and short of it: that French press method I mentioned may be a bit of an acquired taste to some, but I for one am glad I’ve naturally acquired it. Just like with the Greek coffee I talked about in the last post, the only downside is that the finer coffee grains appear at the bottom of the cup, so by the end of your drink, you’ll be sipping on some sediment too! This isn’t a bad thing for me; I like my coffee that strong and enjoy the craftsmanship of the coffee itself, which is typically improved through the French press. Still, be careful with that last few sips! Also there’s a decent variety of coffees and teas so you’re never really without an option if French press doesn’t appeal to you.

In the end, this little shop is truly a gem. I highly recommend sitting by the big windows and engaging in some people watching. The location is perfect for it. Oh, by the way, come in the morning. Unfortunately, most days the shop isn’t open past 2pm. Oh well. It’s still certainly worth the early rising.


Sunset in the city.

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