Caffeine Connection

29 Jun

The end is near for Harrisburg…as far as the Coffeehouse Journey goes at least. This will be the last entry for the Harrisburg area; from here I will be branching out to all of the cities and (especially) the small towns of the surrounding countryside.

I thought this would be a good coffeehouse to end on because it’s one of those places that’s well known-but only to a certain crowd in Harrisburg. Whereas most of the places in Midtown and the west shore area cater to the arts and culture crowd, Caffeine Connection gets most of its traffic from the government workers at the Capitol and surrounding buildings. The owner, Pat, is well known and well liked by the daytime dwellers of this city, who use the copious amounts of caffeine at the aptly-named locale to stay awake through those long business hours. The cool thing is that the tea selection is actually larger than the coffee selection! There was an interesting “wheel of tea” set up on the counter so patrons could see exactly what’s available.

One warning: the coffee here is a bit more expensive than average and I’m not entirely sure why. Might have to do with the expense of the third street location right across from the Capitol Building. A medium was over $2…but don’t worry, the quality was good so I didn’t overly mind. I wish there were some poetry or music events here-but there is an Occupy stand right across from the cafe, so check that out too! Overall, a nice little oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the downtown streets.

Right outside…

Right inside…

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