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01 Jan

I had to see it to believe it. See, earlier this year I read about a new coffeehouse that catered to gamers opening in nearby Mechanicsburg. And not just any gamers, but to board-gamers specifically. Now, gamers in general are a niche market, but board-gamers always struck me as a dying breed now that we’re mostly playing online. Judging by the number of people who apparently frequent the place, this is not so. In fact, the husband-and-wife team who own the establishment pointed me to the packed calendar of events and gaming groups hanging above the countertop. The patrons were really nice people; one even held the door for me when I walked it. Us nerds are a brotherhood of sorts.

From wall to wall, the main room is packed with row after row of old board and roleplaying games. That’s right, there’s a Dungeons and Dragons contingent here too (one which I am sorely tempted to join). There were many games that I had never heard of, and a few that brought back old memories. The one owner seemed to know what I meant when I began to wax historical about Star Fleet Battles and West End Games.

I have to cut to the chase and mention the coffee at this point. When I asked where they got their beans, I was pleasantly surprised by the response: they sourced from St. Thomas Roasters in Linglestown! Anyone who has read my blog for a long time knows that St. Thomas was one of the first coffeehouses I reviewed, and to this day it remains my favorite. You really need to see their bean-grinder to believe it; I mean the thing is a work of art. But I digress. The coffee was the typical smooth, balanced concoction that one comes to expect from St. Thomas. Just re-read my earlier post for a full description of what they have to offer. One caveat though: the coffee was anomalously expensive! Over three dollars for a 16 ounce cup. Of course, you’re paying for the ambiance here, and of course for the huge stockpile of games.

So in summation, if you enjoy playing the board games of yore that all of us Gen-Xers remember growing up with, you really need to stop by this place. One caveat: to opt in on a game night usually takes a five dollar cover charge. It would appear to be money well spent though, so don’t shy away. Especially don’t shy away if you’re feeling up to the challenge of rolling a good old d6 or two.

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from the road…



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