Bean Cuisine Espresso Bar

15 Oct

Something tells me I’ve been to another Bean Cuisine. Don’t misunderstand, this isn’t a chain coffee store (you know my policy on reviewing those). I just get the feeling that someone else out there either has or must have the name Bean Cuisine. It rhymes. It’s relevant. Someone else in the history of coffee-slinging must have put these things together. That said, this particular Bean Cuisine is unique for several reasons.

Foremost among them is that it doesn’t actually stand alone as a shop. It’s located inside an Italian specialty shop called Penne From Heaven. This is actually one of my favorite stores in town because I love cooking Italian food, but Italian cooking is very sensitive to ingredient quality. If you put cheap ingredients in, you get barely edible. Imported ingredients from Italy, on the other hand, give you a dinner that’s worth paying extra for.

The other thing that sets Bean Cuisine apart is that they’re right in my backyard. I had to travel about three miles to get here; they’re located right where the Coffeehouse Tour began: Linglestown, Pennsylvania. Bean Cuisine has been here only since July, which is why I never noticed it before. Indeed, that’s happened a few times over the last year and a half. As some coffeehouses have gone under, new ones have risen to the challenge of creating a space for caffeine and creativity.

The beans themselves were yet another Bean Cuisine distinctive. Has anyone here heard of East Indies Coffee & Tea Company? In spite of the name, they’re fairly local, being based out of nearby Lebanon. The owners of Bean Cuisine commissioned a proprietary blend from East Indies. There’s no name for it, and I couldn’t be told what the constituents were. That was fun. I was left guessing what I’d been served. It was rich, but without an ‘earthy’ flavor. It wasn’t bright, though there was a hint of citrus (but only a tiny hint). It wasn’t a standard Columbian either. I’m guessing…Guatemalan or Honduran! It tasted South American, but distinct. I’ll see if they’ll ever let me know if I guessed correctly.

Well, on to the next shop. Which one that might be is something I cannot say. No, I’m not keeping a secret. There are several possible destinations, and all of them depend on where the next autumn festival will be. Actually as I’m typing this, I’m just getting back from Fall Furnace Festival in Pine Grove Furnace. That’s on South Mountain to the west of Gettysburg. No coffee, though. No beer either. I come before you parched. Actually that’s not true, there was some awesome apple cider, and the beauty of Michaux State Forest was mood-altering enough. Until next time, stay caffeinated!

the official mascot…

the nearby pasta…

the beans…

more beans…

the offers…



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