Solstice Coffee Special

22 Jun

Hey all! Happy Solstice, or Juneteenth as it’s being called in some places. Anyhow, instead of finding a new coffeehouse this month, I revisited an old favorite to see what they were up to. This is the St. Thomas Roasters coffeehouse on Linglestown Road in Linglestown PA. It’s always been one of my favorites. Since Cafe Di Luna shut down a year ago, I think that this place has hands-down the best coffee in the Harrisburg area. One fortuitous trip reminded me of why that is.

I stopped in about a week ago, and the owner was just starting to fire up the massive coffee grinder and roaster that sits in the back of the room. The sound was very distracting, but it was worth putting up with a bit of noise to see and smell the action that fuels this gem of a cafe. Enjoy the view. I got a few good shots of the whole operation going down.

Loading coffee...

Loading coffee…

Loading coffee...

Loading coffee…

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