Square One Coffee

03 Jul

This was another coffeehouse that I visited while I was on a completely unrelated mission. I needed coffee on my way to a company where I was looking to invest some money. High risk, high yield. The fun but stupid stuff that I really shouldn’t be doing. Long story short, it turns out that their headquarters is in Maryland, but at least I got hooked up with people who knew how to get to the people I needed to get to. Does that make sense?

So I was in downtown Lancaster trying to find this little coffee shop that one of my friends really talked up called Square One. They’re an independent roaster, and their reach is impressive. Their website was pretty gorgeous, and apparently they sell multiple varieties of coffee to local interests.

The actual coffeehouse storefront was much smaller than I expected, and a lot more low-key. It was pretty all right (even though traffic in the booming downtown Lancaster is utterly terrible), but kind of understated. I asked if there were any music events or poetry held there. Not a word about anything anytime soon. That was kinda sad, especially given the really nice location of the venue. And boy was it hipster-y. I mean it was the hipster-est place I’ve seen in a long while. The head guy balked at me taking his picture and was dodgy about me taking any pictures at first. I hate free advertisement too.

Anyhow, I had their house blend of the day, and I really did enjoy it. The price was even a little less than what I’ve found to be the “average.” The flavors were nice and subtle and slightly buttery, though not as strong and rich as I usually like. But that’s just me. They do obviously know what they’re doing, though on the whole I favor St. Thomas up in Linglestown. If you’re down in Lancaster, it’s a nice little cove, with plenty of space to study privately, which is definitely a pleasant thing. Check it out!





Good beans...

Good beans…













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